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A suggested day trip is Jog Falls - Varadahalli - Ikkeri - Lion & Tiger safari

    Jog Falls
  • Jog Falls is about 101 kms from Shimoga. This is the highest waterfalls in India and during the monsoons the 4 jets of water named Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer gush in full strength. It takes the better part of 2 hours to climb down and a little more to climb back up. A trail of approx. 1400 steps has been constructed from the top of Jog Falls till the bottom. Though it eases the descent and ascent greatly, it can be quite tiring and exhausting. Its always advisable to carry a water bottle (though refreshments are available till a point) and some snacks when going to the bottom.

  • Varadahalli is a small hamlet that is off the main road near the town of Sagar. This is the place where Guru Sri Sridhara Swamy meditated for salvation. There is a temple here and like most other temples in the region, free lunch is provided at a communal dining hall every day to all visitors between 1230 - 1400 hrs. The fare is a simple vegetarian meal consisting of rice with rasam, sambar, and buttermilk. Although the lunch is free, donations are recommended (Rs. 50 per person is adequate). Note that local traditions require all people to remove their footwear before entering the dining hall, and for all males to remove the shirts at the time of lunch. Also, the seating is on the floor and there are no tables or chairs.

  • Ikkeri is best visited on the way back from Varadahalli and has an approx. 500 year beautiful old stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

  • Lion and Tiger Safari is around 12 Km from the Shimoga bus terminus. Not a safari in the true sense of the word because the lions and tigers are housed in fenced enclosures and a sighting is guaranteed. The park also has a mini zoo housing hyenas, bears, porcupines, pythons, and alligators. Entrance is Rs. 15, cameras Rs. 50 (video cameras Rs. 150) and safari bus ticket Rs. 40. Unlike some other tourist spots in India, the charges here are not the same for Indian and foreign nationals. For Foreign Nationals it is Rs. 400. 

  • Mandagadde is the nearest bird sanctuary to Shimoga where birds from across the globe migrate in search of food, shelter and breeding purpose. Mandagadde is situated at the bank of the river tunga and is located just besides Thirthahalli main road. A small view point has been constructed at the located to take a view easily. It is one of the best place for bird watchers. 

  • Mahishi

    is a sightseeing place which has large sand formations at the bank of tunga river. a beautiful location natural formed by tunga river. there is a temple next to the river which is also one of the oldest temple of Shimoga. Swimming in the water of mahishi is restricted by authority as many have lost their lives at mahishi. 

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